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Found 7 results

  1. I know this wont get me anywere but i was banned a long time ago. For hacking on bhop but I never hacked. I know its seems dumb to just say i didn't hack but i didn't, I never had a good bhop time and i was always really bad. After getting banned I checked out the site and didn't know were to appeal then i quit csgo bhop. I think i might have gotten banned because my wifi was bad or I bhop with very low fps that could have affected(effected idk) it. I know it isn't a good excuse but that's what happend if you choose to unban me i can live in peace. I don't have anything to prove my innocents only my word, it was a long time ago and I would like to bhop on the server again.
  2. Hei, jeg ble akkurat utestengt fra bhop serveren. Jeg ble funnet av noe som heter bash - jeg vet ikke helt hva det er. Jeg vet ikke helt hva jeg skal si til dette ettersom senest i går ble jeg observert i over en time av en administrator, siden har jeg lagt meg og slått datamaskinen på igjen først nå. Er det mulig å endre på dette? Er smålig frustrert ettersom jeg ikke vet hvordan dette skjedde. Takk EDIT: Vil legge til at jeg har også brukt disse serverene som hovedserver i nermere to år nå, kjenner litt på den at det er ikke denne serveren jeg vil være utesteng fra. EDIT2:(english) Hi, I was just banned from the bhop server. I was detected by something called bash - I don't quite know what it is. I do not quite know what to say to this since last night I was observed for over an hour by an administrator, fast foward to today as i turned on the computer, tried to go bhop just to face the ban hammer. Is it possible to change this? Is petty frustrated as I do not know how this happened. Thanks Will add that I have also used these servers as the main server close to two years now, know a little about that it is not this server I want to be excluded from.
  3. hi there, i logged into csgo this morning to go bhop but when i joined the server i got immediatly banned? i looked up the ban and all it said was that "detected by bash" which really doesent make sense to me because i was not cheating and have never been. last night i even played on the server, and got no ban then i go to bed and the next day im banned?? so i came here to ask to get unbanned since i really like your servers and would love to continue to play on them edit: i just saw that a guy named rames also posted about the same thing a couple of days ago, maybe there is a bug?
  4. Yo, So I was just casually bhopping on the map bhop_exodus_fix, you know as you do, when suddenly A BUG APPEARED or some shieet on the "get a gun from the yellow platform and shoot on the red stuff on the ground to get boosted" stage. The bug caused the yellow platforms to not do their job and didn't drop me anything, and if I had a glock in my hand it straight up robbed me of my glock! It made me feel really vulnerable and sad... The glock is also, for some reason, really weak and bearly gets you boosted over the edge. This bs bug ruined my very very really really good run that I'll never be able to recreate! :> volvo pls fix
  5. Hey everyone! Ive been bhopping for quite a while now ( Around 6 years ) and i am still garbage. I just wanted to tell everyone that i bought VIP without hesitation. Supporting a great server is never a bad thing! GL & HF everyone /LoffeN
  6. Hello, I've been working on a timer with a friend of mine for a while now and since I mostly play on recess I came here to see if you guys have any interest in it, it's supposed to be less like the rest of public timers and go more towards SourceCode's style of a timer which will make runs on the server actually eligible to be considered a global wr and potentially get uploaded to GlobalJumps. There's an Anticheat and a newer SSJ plugin included as well. Anyhow if there's any interest hit me up on steam and I'll show some of the admins or whoever is in charge the timer on my private server and we can go from there My Steam
  7. Added 120 bhop maps. Maplist: bhop_24 bhop_24hrs bhop_aimers_hell bhop_alvo bhop_alvo2 bhop_ambient bhop_ancient bhop_anyyy bhop_aow_1337 bhop_aow_blackout bhop_atmospheric bhop_audree_final bhop_badges2 bhop_biff bhop_bitchboy bhop_blacky_b1 bhop_bloclean bhop_blois_fix bhop_blue_abstract bhop_boatylicious bhop_bobop bhop_cherry bhop_chronology bhop_communityjump bhop_communityjump_2 bhop_construct bhop_corkscrew bhop_cubelights bhop_cutekittenz2 bhop_cutetraps bhop_cynical bhop_cyon bhop_deserted bhop_dispute bhop_dretox bhop_easyarchitecture bhop_explordus bhop_five_rg1 bhop_flocci bhop_fly_syzygy bhop_foollatio_final bhop_foreverpcpie bhop_friday_nite bhop_fruits2 bhop_fsog_v2 bhop_fur_fix_csgo bhop_furax bhop_glow bhop_great_unknown bhop_green_shade bhop_greenroom bhop_greystuff bhop_haarukka bhop_hexag0n_cool bhop_hood2 bhop_hyable bhop_interloper bhop_internetclub bhop_jumalauta bhop_jurfs_v2 bhop_kaina bhop_kaisa bhop_kasvihuone bhop_kitsune bhop_labyrinth bhop_lambda_csgo bhop_lambda_csgo bhop_lost_world bhop_losthasdepression bhop_microwave bhop_mons_csgo bhop_mukiology bhop_nux bhop_pacman_csgo bhop_parky bhop_paskaaa bhop_pillar bhop_pillar_ez bhop_pj_beta1 bhop_pologos bhop_prux bhop_rabbit_csgo bhop_ragepoop_rev bhop_rebound bhop_reverie bhop_riverland bhop_rotebal bhop_scrollcity bhop_SeaWolf bhop_shampoo bhop_sleepless bhop_sokii bhop_spiteful bhop_static bhop_strafe_azure bhop_strafearena bhop_straightforward bhop_subway bhop_sunstreak2 bhop_tachyonic bhop_tanker_v1 bhop_terez bhop_thc_platinum_final bhop_timescalehack_v2 bhop_tinneri bhop_translucent_final bhop_trezza bhop_tron bhop_twisty bhop_tyle bhop_tyle2 bhop_um_idk bhop_verisimilitude bhop_vsh bhop_whoevenbhops bhop_wifiscifi bhop_wob bhop_X bhop_yuna bhop_zipfag bhop_zunron bhop_zygos
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