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Found 3 results

  1. Copying in a couple of posts I made in the recess discord 'fixes' channel: I've got no response in the discord yet, so I thought i'd post it up here too in case this is better / more visable to whoever deals with this stuff. I'm working my way through the various surf maps, so I will post more bugs / issues if I find them. p.s I'll be active on discord if you want to get in touch. Thanks again, Yiaz.
  2. Chrllzz

    Pistol Bugs

    I came across two pistol bugs when playing on the Recess Minigame server. The first bug appears on every map that has the option to drop/give you a USP-S. The bug causes the USP-S to NOT drop or be given to you when it should. For an example, on the map: mg_just_multigames, when the game mode "Pistols" is chosen and you've gone through the teleport with the USP-S sign over it. Another occasion where this bug appears is when the game mode "Wallhack" is chosen on the map: mg_swag_multigames. The second bug only appears on the map: mg_mikis_multigames. The bug causes pistols to only reload one bullet after you've used your first magazine, this occurs on the "Pistols" game mode. I think there was one pistol that didn't have this bug but I can't recall which one, nonetheless, the bug is still there.
  3. Hi Recess Admins (Xbonnik), So I have this bug that Xbonnik told me to write a topic about, so here it is: If the terrorist disconnects, a new terrorist is randomly being selected. The problem with that is, when that new terrorist is selected, it is unable to be killed, so it can jump around on the map where CT's can't. Another problem with that is, the new selected terrorist can kill all the CT's, which (of course), causes a lot of rage and it also kind of destroys the community (at some point). The terrorist cannot kill itself either. He can do nothing, but reconnect by typing 'retry' in the console. Not everyone knows about this (of course not), so sometimes that new terrorist kills all the CT's, or end up in a spot on the maps, and get stuck. How to fix it (maybe): Make a "new round system", so when the terrorist disconnects (he shouldn't), a new round starts, with a new terrorist. Bug 2: Before the map starts, a terrorist is selected, but somehow another terrorist gets selected (still before the rounds have started) (this is like warmup or matchstart or whatever). and when that other terrorist is selected, it can also run around and kill people, since the server doesn't teleport the other terrorist into where the traps are being activated. I remember OGname used to do /kill all, then the terrorist would be teleported into the trap room. How to fix it (maybe): Make a killing plugin or something, so that the other terrorist automaticly gets killed (or something like that). -Ian Connor
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