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Found 6 results

  1. There's a zoning error on surf_sunset2_fix on the whitelist server, where stage 3 still says you're on stage 2. I should be able to fix this myself, but i really don't want to make this problem any bigger by screwing something up, since i'm not 100% on zoning maps on recess etc. i'd love to be able to fix this instead of posting it, so if anyone would give me a quick course sometime, that would be great Also tell me if i'm posting this in the wrong thread, not 100% on the forums either... eksde
  2. I have noticed there is more server lag then usual on the surf server tier 3-6, near impossible to surf when this is happening. Usually happens on the evenings/nights but I've started to notice it during the days as well. Anything you're aware of and working on, or what's going on?
  3. On 1st July I was permanently banned by Pretzl for "Constantly cheating maps even after being warned". However this is a straight up lie. I have no idea where he got that information. This bug on surf_calibration happened to me around a month ago where If I failed the map I got teleported to the finish and it made me get the map record. I did this a few times during the session and even showed another admin (I think it was N4G3L$) the bug. I asked him to remove my time but I'm not sure if he did it. This bug has only happened to me once on one single map, even though I was banned for "Constantly cheating maps even after being warned". *Note that I was never warned about this. I have no control over this bug, it happened to me once and I get banned for that... come on...
  4. On the tier 1-2 surf server, it seems like the surf plugin isn't being loaded, as there is no timer and the settings is not working. (people are able to kill eachother, fall damage etc) by checking the "sm plugins" command in console i didn't find any surf plugin aswell, but all the other plugins seems to be working. hope this can be resolved. @Xbonnik
  5. John

    Not getting points

    Hey there, i was surfing on tier 1-2 server and i finished the following maps Surf_windrunner_final and surf_ny_momentum with the server record. But i noticed that i didnt get any points for doing that, both maps i finised and got the Server record first time i finished. But after that i finished again and beat my times over and over again but i only got 15 points for that, i tried to refresh my points and relog the server but no luck on that. So currently im missing 1450 points. I hope you could help me If anymore info needed just reply here please. -John
  6. I was surfing earlier on the 3-6 server when after about 30seconds into the game we all got teleported to some inescapable jail sort of thing, im not sure if its a bug or not but we were all stuck there until the map was changed. Edit: noone of the commands such as !r or !s worked to get out of there
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