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Found 4 results

  1. Hey! I was playing on the deathrun server and saw Hakonzi and Toxic had a discussion. So I joined their discussion and I ''Shared my opinion too''. So we talked about him advertising hellcase.com in his name and Just lee and Toxic said you can have links in your name. I went and added ''pornhub.com'' in my name for fun and Just lee or Toxic changed my name and I asked them why. And If I remember right they said pornhub is +18 and we have players under 18. And I said if pornhub is +18 isn't hellcase.com +18? Just because of that I got banned. Are you guys serious? P.S (Toxic doesn't fit as admin just saying and ''sharing my opinion'')
  2. https://gyazo.com/ce1dd84026e7b360a5fe0ab4980e0fe6 If I didn't get banned, only gagged. What is this than? Yea, tell me another ban without reason. Toxic again? I am not even surprised.
  3. I played on deathrun server, I left for toilet when I came back I was kicked and banned. I never died, left or retried when I was T. I only retried a lot when I CT because I had a lot of FPS drop. DOYOU HAVE ANY PROOF THAT I WAS RETRYING AND THEN ESCAPING FROM THE SEVER WHEN I SAW THAT AN ADMIN IS ON? THE ONLY ADMIN I KNEW AT THAT TIME WAS JUST LEE AND HANZEEN. TOXIC YOU ARE REALLY TOXIC, FUCK YOU.
  4. De Naz

    Admin Abues

    I got an mute and gag in like 2 month and 10 days becues i said i was inmocent, so he just gived me an mute & gag & ban becues hes freind said i was gilti.
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